Time of Castles - A unique, medieval text-based role playing game. Join our brand new world and discover the adventures that await!




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Time of Castles

Create your character and dive into the world of Time of Castles! You can train your combat skills, complete epic deeds, mine ore for smithing your own rare weapons and armour, and much more on the way!

» Browser Based Game

Time of Castles is a Medieval Browser Game. Join our amazing community and be part of this exciting adventure with us!

» Free Online Game

Time of Castles is 100% FREE and always will be. It won't cost you a penny to join and there are no downloads! Start playing now!

» Free Medieval Game

Time of Castles is a text based game. This means you can play for as little or as much time as you want to. You can quickly log in to the game any time during the day and keep leveling your character.

» Free Browser Game

Time of Castles is a 100% free online medieval browser based game. No downloads, play on any computer, start right now!